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Ajwain Tea
Contents :ajwain, green tea A few golden balls in a cup of tea can creat an elixir for stomach, It is a heiping hand for alcoholics. It has the power to dissolve kidney stones and effective for piles.
Amarathine Tea
Contents : globe amaranth , black orthodox tea This tea will be like a new dawn in your life. It can give you an enticing looks and dark lustrous hair which will make you an icon of beauty.
Beetroot Tea
Contents : beetroot, black orthodox tea Your lips cannot resist this sweet wine like liquid which will keep your heart runnung for ever that is no stroke , no attacks. It will keep a check on your pressure and helps your brain. It is als
Guava Tea
Contents: Guava leaf , green tea Your mouth will water with the taste of guava and it will take you back to your friends with whom you used to nibble the fruit. It is a capsule for diabetes and cholesterol. It helps in recovering from de
Spice Lemon Tea
Contents : lemon, pepper, ginger, black orthodox tea A drop of this special lime tea will make you blink twice. Give your tongue a a twist of sour and spice . It is an antidote for cold and weight loss, It is stomach friendly and fights a
Lotus Rose Tea
Contents: Lotus rose tea lotus, rose, orthodox black tea This tea will immerse you in a river of lotus and roses reviving you from fatigue and insomnia. It is also a healing potion for lungs , liver and gasteric problems.
Munnar Dune
Contents: special blend tea This is a blend of various types of tea s grown in the hill slops of munnar to create a tea perfect in strength , colour and taste . Have a cup to enliven your spirit.
Munnar Pure Green Tea
Contents : munnar pure green tea It is a combination of different green tea picked from munnar the paradise of tea . This enhances its taste and health benefits. It rejuvenate your body skin .
Spinach Tea
Contents : Spinach, green tea This violet warrior will infuse your veins with blood which gives the power to observe and enables us to fight against all diseases including cancer. It also has trans fats
Sunflower Tea
Contents : sunflower, black orthodox tea This tea brings sunshine in to your life thereby strengthening your bone and glowing your skin.You can also get a happy heart and a healthy baby.
Thripla Tea
Contents: thripla , black orthodox tea A fusion of three fruits gooseberry, bileric Myrobalan and Chebulic Myrobalan one of the ancient indian medicine can give you a young and wonderful figure with sharp eyes. It is also an immune booster a
Saffron Tea
Contents : saffron , black orthodox tea A pinch of red threads from the beautiful purple flower of Himalayas in to your tea gives a great sensation to your tongue making you crave for more. It gives you fair and young looks
Golden Petal
Contents : chrysanthemum, marygold , black orthodox tea Fill your nostrils with the aroma and your palate with the taste of the golden flowers chrysanthemum and marygold and you can be immune to any kind of pollutants, radiations and ski
Black Fussion
Contents : maze , allspice , Cardamom, star anise , black orthodox. This tea will take you to the land of india entering into the world of spices thus giving your tongue various emotions. It is the best solution for flatulence and gives you
Sandalwood Tea
Contents : sandalwood , black orthodox tea Engulf yourself in a world of divinity. It is a like a cool breeze in the hot desert relaxing your nerve.It is antiseptic and prevents teeth fall. It is also
Brahmi Water Hyssop
Contents :brahmi, green tea Take a sip of this green mixture and you can solve sudokus and crosswords in minutes. It is a tonic for Alzheimer"s and healthy sexual life.
Pomegranate Spice Tea
Contents : pomegranate, cinnamon, clove, black This will be like sipping a hot juice to chill and relax you in summer. It keeps you young , prevents hairloss.
Milk Thistle Tea
Contents : milk thistle, Green Tea A mixture of this small green weeds and tea will create a miracle for liver. It is a great relief to people with type two diabetes. It lowers cholesterol and growth
Betel Tea
Contents: betel , green tea A symbol of ancient tradition and culture is the best remedy for body odour and bad breath. It is also a great relief for bronchitis, toothace and cancer
Borage Tea
Content :indian borage , green tea This tea reminds us the rain and our home thus puts our mind and body at ease . It is our mother s remedy for fever , bronchitis and flu. It is a great support against
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