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Betel Tea
Contents: betel , green tea A symbol of ancient tradition and culture is the best remedy for body odour and bad breath. It is also a great relief for bronchitis, toothace and cancer

Contents: betel , green tea

           A symbol of ancient tradition and culture is the best remedy for body odour and bad breath.  It is also a great relief for bronchitis, toothace and cancer



  •     Eliminates body order
  •     Prevents bad breath
  •     Treats bronchitis
  •     Prevents damage to the teeth
  •     control cancer


The betel (piper betel) is the leaf of the vine belonging to the Piperaceae family which includes pepper and Kava. Betel leaf is mostly consumed in Asia and elsewhere in the world by some North Asian emigrants as betel quid or in paan with or without tobacco, in an addictive psycho stimulating and euphoric inducing formulation.  Betel is noted for staining teeth of regular users. In Kerala as well as Sri Lanka the sheaf of betel leaf traditionally offered as a mark of respect on auspicious beginning. Occasions include greatings elders at wedding ceremonies, new year, offering payment to ayurvadic phicisian and astrolesters were usually money and an areca nuts are kept on over the sheaf of leaves and offered to the elders for their blessings. The betel plant is an evergreen and perennial creapers with glossy hard shapes leaves and white catkin. The betel plant originated from south east asia. In Indian the betel and areca play an important role in Indian culture espaeciallly among Hindus. Many traditional ceremonies governing the lives of Hindus use betel and arcea. For eg, paying money to priest one might place money in a betel leaf . It also play an important role in Vietnamese culture. In Vietnamese there a same that "the betel begins the conversations" , referring to the practice of people chewing betel in formal occasion or "to break the ice" in awkward situations. The betel leaves and aneca nuts are used ceremonially in traditional Vietnamese weddings. Per tradition the groom might offer the bride"s parents betel and arcea , the leaves and nuts symbolizes the ideal married couple bound together. In Papua New Guenia betel is prepared with mustard stick dipped with lime powder and act as stimulant to supress hunger reduce the stress and heighten the senses. Betel is valued for its medical benefits, they are

  •    Eliminates body odour
  •    Treats bronchitis
  •     Helps scanty or obstructed urine
  •    Antioxidant
  •    Diabetes
  •    Weakness of nerves
  •    Eliminates bad breath
  •    Prevents damage to the teeth
  •    Treats thrash
  •    Treats acne
  •    Helps to treat malaria
  •    Control cancer


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