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Pomegranate Spice Tea
Contents : pomegranate, cinnamon, clove, black This will be like sipping a hot juice to chill and relax you in summer. It keeps you young , prevents hairloss.

        Contents : pomegranate,  cinnamon,  clove, black

This will be like sipping a hot juice to chill and relax you in summer. It keeps you young , prevents hairloss.



  •       Prevents hair loss
  •       Younger looking skin
  •       Helps reduce stress
  •       Cancer prevention
  •       Heart friendly 


Stated in history romance and almost in class by itself the pomegranate, punica granatum L belong to the family puricaceae which include one genius and to species, the other one little knawn being Pprotopunica balf, peculiar to the inland of Socatra pomegranate is fruit bearing decoders shrub or small tree growing between 5-8m (16-26 feet) tall. In the northern hemisphere the fruit is typically in season from September to February Bell & Ross Replica Watches and in the Southern Hemisphere from March to May. As intact arils or juice pomegranate are used in cooking, baking,  meal garnishing, juice blends, smoothies and alcoholic beverages such as cocktails and wine.

            The pomegranate is native from Iran to the Himalaya in Northern India and was cultivated naturalise over the world meditaranian region since Asian times. It is wildely cultivated through out India and dried parts of South East Asia Malyya,  the East Indies and tropical Africa. The Trees was introduce in to  California by Spanish settlers in 1769. In this country it is grown for its fruits mainly in the dried part of California and Arizona. The word pomegranate is from Latin "pomum grantum" which means apple of many seeds, that gives a pretty good description. In ancient Egypt it was reserved enough to have been painted on wall and toms to symbolise life after death and the Egyptian s were burorried with wild pomegranate. The pomegranate is thought to be one of the oldest cultivated fruit with first records dating back to 100 BC. The fruit is known as kishimojin in Japan where it is sympol of hope for infertile women who drink it juices when trying for a baby. Due to its medical properties,  the pomegranate Replica Bell & Ross Watches appears on the coat of arms for British medical association, the royal collage of medical, royal collage of orbitarins and gynecologist and the royal college of physicians.

Other benifits are :

  •   Prevents heart disease
  •   Prevents cancer
  •   Aid digestion
  •   Improves your immunity
  •   Increase your libido
  •   Keeps looking younger
  •   Help reduce stress
  •   Keeps Alzheimer"s at bay
  •    Maintain blood sugar and pressure
  •   Prevents anaemia
  •   Good for premature care - lowest the risk of premature baby
  •    Helps in cartilage regeneration
  •    Prevents hair fall



            The word clove is from the latin word for nail "clavus". Cloves are the immature unopened flower buds of tropical tree. When fresh they are pink, dried they turned to rust brown colour measuring12-16mm (half to 8/8) long. They resemble small nails with a tapered stem. The large end of the cloves is the fine pointed flower but. Clove have a fruity hot taste with warm aroma and of camphor and pepper. Cloves are native to the Malacca island now a part of Indonesia. Clove have been used for thgousands of Jaeger-LeCoultre Replica Watches years. One of the earliest references to them says that the Chinese, in order to approach the emperor had to have a few colves in their mouth to sweeten their breath. Cloves ones very costly and played an important part in world history. Wars were fought in Europe and with native islanders to secure rights to the profitable of clove business. Natives in the Molucca islands. Planted a clove tree for each child born. They believe that the fate of the tree was linked to the fate of that child. In 18-16 the Dutch set a fire to destroy clove trees and raice prices. Then natives revolted a bloody battle which change the climate and politics of the area forever. Today cloves are commercially harvested primerly in Indonesia, India,  Madagascar, Pakiand, Sreelanka and Tanzania. Cloves are used in Indian ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine and Western Herbolism and dentistry, where the essential oils is used as an anodyne (pain killer) for dental emergencies. Folk lore says that sucking on to whole cloves without chewing or swallowing them helps to carve the desire for alchahole.

Other benifits are :

  •  Reduce tooth ace
  •  Nausea and vomiting
  • Sineiseties
  • Morning sickness
  • Flatulence
  • Cold and flu
  • Stress
  • Antioxidant
  • Relief from anciety
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Sexual help
  • Helps men reach orgasm
  • Eases blood sugar
  • Helpls asthma
  • Mascular spasms



Cinnamon is a spice obtained from inner bark of several trees from the genus cinnamomum that is used in both sweet and savoury foods. Cinnamomum werum is some time considered as replica chaumet watches to be true cinnamon. Most cinnamon in International Commerce is derived from related spices, which are also referred to as "cassia" to distinguish from true cinnamon.  Cinnamon bark is harvested from a variety of ever green tree that is native to Sreelanka and India. The tree has thick, reddish brown bark,  small yellow flowers and its leathery leaves have a spicy smell. It grows to height of approximately 20 - 60 ft (8 - 18 m) and is found primerly in tropical forest. Cinnamon bark belongs to the lauraceas family.

Cinnamon bark is cultivated in such tropical regions as the Philippines and the West Indies. It is not grown in the United States. Every two years the trees are cut to just above ground level. The bark is harvested from the new shoots thdn dried. The outer bark is stripped away, leaving the inner bark which is the main medicinal part of the herb. Bark of the cinnamon trees is smooth, pinkish brown in colour. It contains numerous compounds and oils that are responsible for the pleasant odour and hot strong teast. Cinnamon used in human diet is actually inner bark of cinnamon tree. Leaves are oval In shape. They are usually 2-7 inch and oppositely arrange all the branches. Leaves are fragrant due to high content of aromatic oils. Flowers are small and green in colour. They are grouped in terminal panicles. Dark purple fruit of cinnamon tree is called dorupe. It is 0-5 inches long and ellipsoid in shape. Fruit contain one seed. Cinnamon was used in the ancient Egypt for the process of mummification and as an ingredient of perfumes. Cinnamon is more than just a popular spice and pleasant teast. It contains important mineral such as iorn, potassium, sink, calcium and mechanism. Cinnamon sticks also contains vitamin A and vitamins of the B group. Cinnamon can be used in preparation of numerous sweet salty dishes and drinks (such as coffee and tea) ) cinnamon can be used as flavoring agent in the manufacturing of whisky, vodka and brandy. Cinnamon can be used in the preservation  of food because of its anti microbial properties. Cinnamon is used in traditional medicine to facilitate digestion and reduce flatulence etc..

Other benifits are :

  •  Sugar control
  •   Candida yeast infection
  •   Stomach bug/flu
  •   Irritable bowls syndrome
  •    Cancer prevention
  •    Helps arthritis/osteoporosis
  •     Anti bacterial/anti microbial/anti fungal
  •    Alert memerry and cognitive development
  •    Anti oxidant
  •    Weight reducers
  •    Lower LDF cholesterol and triglycerides
  •   Tooth decay and gum disease
  •    Cold sore throat and cough
  •     Alzheimers disease
  •     PMS
  •     Effective for menstrual pain and infertility


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