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Black Fussion
Contents : maze , allspice , Cardamom, star anise , black orthodox. This tea will take you to the land of india entering into the world of spices thus giving your tongue various emotions. It is the best solution for flatulence and gives you

       Contents : maze , allspice , Cardamom, star anise , black orthodox.

          This tea will take you to the land of india entering into the world of spices thus giving your tongue various emotions. It is  the best solution for flatulence and gives you strong teeth. It is an immune booster and antibacterial.



  •        Digestive aid
  •        Relief from tooth ace
  •         Immune booster
  •         Flatulence
  •         Anti bacterial



Mace spice is dry, outer aril that firmly enveloping around the nutmeg kernel Nutmeg and mace are two separate spice products of the same nutmeg fruit. However, mace characteristically has higher concentration of certain essential oils and features refined yet intense aroma than nutmeg.

            Mace as well as the nutmeg seeds were thought to have originated in the tropical rain forest of Indonesian Maluka Islands, also known as the spice islands. Binomically, nutmeg is an evergreen belonging to Myristicaceae family and known scientifically as Myristica fragrance. Nutmeg trees are also found in Kerala, the southernmost state of India. Mace is web like seed membrane which encloses nutmeg. It is found between the  exterior fruit and the internal seeds and is present in the form of bright waxy red bands which encase the seeds. Fresh mace has a bright red colour which turns dark orange when dried. High quality dried mace retain its orange colour for a long time.

            In the 18th & 19th century mace were used in sauce paired and mace was often paired with apples in 19th c. mace is known for its several culinary and medicinal uses, mace is a prominent flavoring agent in wines of most countries. Mace can be used in several forms, its versatile flavour makes it an important ingredients in various dishes to enhance the taste and bring out the colour of the food. Mace is highly nutritious and extremely rich in protein and fiber besides there are plenty of health benefits that makes mace a significant spice to be stored in the kitchen cabinets.

Mace has great abilities of treating muscular and joint pains and since it is an excellent seductive, it also has anti inflammatory properties and can be very effective for curing atharthitis, rheumatism, lumbago etc, it plays an important role in Chinese medicines for treating abdominal pain and inflammation.

Mace is very handy for digestion and easing stomach ache and gas from stomach and intestine. Apart from encouraging applite.

Mace contains, several essential minerals such as copper, potassium, calcium, manganese, iron, zink and magnesium. Potassium present is mace is significant for controlling heart rate and blood pressure.

It helps in reducing cough and cold. Further it is very effective in treating asma. Since mace is a great stimulator, its stimukarot the brain and eliminates any sign of mental exhaustion and stress. He can improve the quality of dreams making them more indents and colourful. Mace can be considered as a good remedy for anxiety as well as depression. It enchants concentration and increases the overall efficiency at study and work.

Mace is anticeptic in nature and is an important incrediendent in herbal toothpaste. It effectively cures tooth ache, aching gums and bad breath.

Mace is beneficial for treating kidney disease and besides it is known for even desolving kidney stones.

Helps lower the symptoms of diarea, bloating and nausea.


All spice

All spice also called Jamaica Pepper, Myrtle, English pepper is the dried unripe fruit of Pimenta dioica a midcanopy tree native to the Greater Antilles Southern Mexico and Central America now cultivated in many warm parts of the world. The name all spice was coined as early as 1621 by English, who thought it combined the flavor of cinnamon , nutmeg and clove. All spice is the dried berry of the  pimento, an evergreen tree growing to 40 feet in height, it bears opposite leathery oblong leaves whose primarily arranged veins show prominently on the undersides. small white flowers grow in many flowered cymes in the upper leaf axis from June to August. The fruit is fleshy sweet berry which is purplish- black when ripe. The berries used for all spice are collected when they have reached full size but are not ripe. The name comes from the berries taste which has been described as combination of cloves Juniper berries , cinnamon and pepper.

Mayan Indians used all spice  to embalm their dead and its preservative properties where valued by 17th century sailors for storing both fish and meat. Christopher Columbus encountered all spice in Jamarica during the second voyage to the New World. In the 19th century wood from all spice saplings was made to make walking sticks and umbrellas. It is also an important ingredients in ketchup. Aromatic all spice berries have a long history in Caribbean folk healing.  Jamarecan’s drink hot all spice tea for colds menstrual cramps. Costa Ricans use it treat indigestions flatulence and diabetics. Cubans consider it has refreshing tonic. Gvatemales apply crushed berries to bruise joints and muscular pains. Other benifits are

             The active principals in all spice found to have been anti inflammatory rubefacent (warming and soothing) carminative and anti flatulence property.

             As in black peppercons the active principles in all spice may increase the motility of the Gatro- intestinal tract as well as encourages the digestive power by increasing enzymes reaction inside the stomach and intestine.

            The spice is enriched with the good amount of minerals like potassium, manganese, iron copper calcium and magnesium.which helps to regulate various functions of the body.

              The essential oil in all spice is a tonic for nervous system and has been used to treat nerveous exhaustion. Hysterical para oxygns nuerologia and convulsions.

            It is the tonic to treat vomiting, stomach aces is diarrhea indigestion, along with digestive disorder such as dyspepsia and colic.

   All spice extracts have anti oxidant,  anticeptic and anaesthetic property and influence in fighting yeast and fungal infections.


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