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Saffron Tea
Contents : saffron , black orthodox tea A pinch of red threads from the beautiful purple flower of Himalayas in to your tea gives a great sensation to your tongue making you crave for more. It gives you fair and young looks

Contents : saffron  , black orthodox tea

                          A pinch of red threads from the beautiful  purple flower of Himalayas  in to your tea gives a great sensation to your tongue making you crave for more. It gives you fair and young looks. It lowers your blood pressure and good for expectant mothers.



  •        Menstruation relief
  •        Healthy for pregnant women
  •        Skin fareness
  •        Lower blood pressure
  •        Anti aging

 Saffron is  a spice obtained from the sigma of the flower of crocus sativus linnaeus, commonly known as rose of saffron. Corocuss sativus belongs to the family of iridaceae and it is characterized for having purple flower with read stigmas and yellow stamens. The stigmas are of trumpet shape they are bright red gradually changing to yellow in the style.

            Although the origins of safforn are confusing, we can almost confirm that it comes from Orient, because its cultivation was widely spread in minor Asia far before the birth of Christ.

             One of the first historic references to the use of saffron comes from ancient Egypt, where it was used by Cleopatra and other pharons as an aromaticaromatic and seductive essence and to make ablutions in temples and sacred places.

            According to Greek mythology, handsome mortal Crocos fell in love with the beautiful nymph Smilax, but alas, his favours were rebuffed by Smilax and he was turned into a beautiful purple crocus flower.The word saffron derives from the Arab word zafaran, meaning yellow and  it was mentioned as  far back as 1500 BC in many classical writings as well as in the Bible. Further derivations come from the old French safarn, Medieval Latin safrunum and Middle English safroun.

            Saffron was also highly appreciated in the classic Greece for its colouring and aromatic properties. It was used as a remedy to slumplessness and to reduce hangover caused by wini. It was alos used to perfume bathing and as an aphrodisiac.

            Arabs used saffron in medicine for its anaesthetic properties.

 Other benefits are:

  •                               Menstruation relief
  •                              Treats depression
  •                              Reduce cancer risks
  •                              Cardio vascular health
  •                              Lower high blood pressure
  •                              Detoxification
  •                             Anti aging
  •                             Healthy for pregnant women
  •                            Treats mascular degeneration
  •                            Fair skin
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