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Lotus Rose Tea
Contents: Lotus rose tea lotus, rose, orthodox black tea This tea will immerse you in a river of lotus and roses reviving you from fatigue and insomnia. It is also a healing potion for lungs , liver and gasteric problems.

 Contents:  Lotus rose tea    lotus, rose, orthodox black tea

  This tea will immerse you in a river of lotus and roses reviving you from fatigue and insomnia.  It is also a healing potion for lungs , liver and gasteric problems.


  •     Reduce gasteric problems
  •     Healing solution for lungs and liver
  •     Relieve from insomnia and fatigue


     Back in egyptian times , the lotus flower was very important in their religious , Meaning creation and rebirth, it was a symbol of the sun because as night fall it closes and goes beneath the waters and at dawn it climbs up above the waters and reopens. It is the only plant to flower and fruit at the same time. Although lotus is an archetype of beauty it also symbolizes non-attachments. The lotus floweris an aquatic perennial and it comes in pink hues or white. Theroots are implanted in the soil of a river or a pond and the leaves float on the surface. Some research suggests that lotus can its own temperature. The lotus is edible and has curative properties.  It"s use in traditional Asian medicine is as old as history. Some of its benefits are as follows

  •        Teats acidic reflexes and gasteric ulcers.
  •         Helps to prevent premature ejaculation.
  •         Heels all the body like lungs
  •         Detoxification of body   
  •         Strengthen the heart and stops the bleedings
  •         Lowers blood sugar
  •         Anti aging


     Rose has been a symbol of love beauty even war and pollitics from way back in time. The variety , colour and even number of roses carry symbolic meanings. The rose is most populariy known as the the flower of love. The birth place of rose was probably North Persia on the Caspian or Faristan on the Gulf of Persia. Historically the oldest rose fossils has been found in Colorado dating back to more than 35 million years. Roses were considered th e most sacred flowers in ancient Egypt and was used as offering for the Goddess of Isis. Roses have also been found in egyptian tombes wherey were formed in to funeral wreaths. Roses have been the most popular choice of flowers for the purpose of gifting across the world. They also act as a great attraction to home and office decor. A bunch of roses as even a single rose works wonders aesthetically and considerably enlivens the place.

It has a soothing taste and its features are:

  •     It clears toxins and heat from body
  •    Relief from sore throat, running nose and blocked bronchial tubes
  •    Helps to fight infections in the digestive tract and re establish the normal bacterial             population of the intestine.
  •    It is useful to people those who are prone to chest problems by fighting  against infections
  •    It is a wonderful remedy for dysentery, diarrhea and gastero enteritis.
  • It relieve fluid retentions and hastens the elimination of wastes through kidneys.
  •     It is a laxative, it works as a remedy for all liver problems including sluggishness and constipation
  •      It cleanses the liver and gal bladder and promotes bile flow.
  •      It can be used to relieve uterine congestion causing pain and heavy periods,
  •      It is an excellent remedy for irregular periods and infertility.
  •     It has an uplifting effect in the nervous system., and can relieve from insomnia, depression and fatigue. 
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