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Amarathine Tea
Contents : globe amaranth , black orthodox tea This tea will be like a new dawn in your life. It can give you an enticing looks and dark lustrous hair which will make you an icon of beauty.


         Contents : globe amaranth , black orthodox tea                     

                        This tea will be like a new dawn in your life. It can give you an  enticing looks and dark lustrous hair which will make you an icon of beauty. It will also heip in menstruation and keep you energetic.



  •      Nourishes skin
  •      Prevents gray hair
  •      Relief from fatigue
  •      Helps menstruation



Globe Amaranth( Gomepherina, globara), also known as bachelor button, is a tropical annual plant nature to central America, grown in the united State patek philippe nautilus watches since early colonial times for its use in everlasting dried arrangement, globe amaranth is available in a variety of bright colour. Early grown from seed and suitable for all US department of Agriculture, plant hardeners zones, globe amaranth is a popular choice for border and edgings.

            Amaranth comes from the Greek word meaning never fading flower. The amaranth flower is considered one of the central symbol for immortality. Many people present the flower by it self not just as an attractive blossom, but to represent their unfading affection for the recipient. These flower may also be given as garlands or crowns to express the wish of good fortune to those who receive them. The flower symbolism associated with the globe amaranth is unfading love. The globe amaranth is an annual plant that frower upto 24 inches in height. The true spices has magenta flowers and garden varities have additional colours such as purples red, white, pink and lilac.

            Globe amarcenth was first cultivated in tropical regions where its leaves were consumed. Once it was discovered that its flowers retained colour after being dried it become popular in Hawai for use in lees. In recent years it also became a popular ingredient in brewed teas and is still appreciate as dried flower aarrangements.

  •    Present aging
  •   Reduce fatique
  •   Improving skin
  •    Lowering blood pressure
  •    Prevents gray hairs
  •    Nourishes one"s look
  •  Treating Yin deficiency
  •  Regulating the menstrual function
  •  Eliminating phlegm
  •  A rich source of vitamins B6, A, K, C, ,riboflavins and foliate
  •  Present asthma
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