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Beetroot tea


        Contents : beetroot, black orthodox tea

               Your lips cannot resist this sweet wine like liquid which will keep your heart runnung for ever tag heuer link replica watches that is no stroke , no attacks. It will keep a check on your pressure and helps your brain. It is also an immune booster.



  •       Lowers blood pressure
  •       Good for brain and dementia
  •       Mood lifter
  •       Immune booster
  •       Prevents stroke and heart attacks


The beetroot is the taperoot portion of the beet plant also known in North America as the table beet , garden beet red or golden beet or informly employ the simply the beet. It is several of the cultivated verities of beet and beeta (veitgeras) grown for their edible tape roots and that green. Beetroot is the herbivorous plant that belongs to the family amarathaceae this plant originates from India mediterananian ares and atlantic cosed of Europe. But it can be found all over the world today beetroot is cultivated manly because of high nutrition value.  Chemical compounds isolated from beetroot are used in medicine chemical and food industry. Beetroot was used as an ornamental plant in the past. Aryarins were using beetrrot in as hanging gardens of babilon 800 years BC. Beetroot develops leefy stems that can grow up to 39-78 inches in hights. Beetroot has heart shape leafs they are usally 7 to 8 inches long. In wild plants and much larger in cultivatorer varities. Most people cultivate beetroot because of its edible root. It develops 55 to 65 days after planting of seeds. Root is usally red to purple in colours unlike othere type of vegetables roots in contains high quantities of replica montblanc star 4810 watches sugar. Beet root develop small green or redish flover that appear in dense spikes. Flowers are pollinated by wings. Fruit of beetroot is called nutlet. It has hard structures and it is arranged in clusters. Beetroot is benial plant which means that it finishes its lifes cycle in two years.  Beetroot can be used to raw cooked or pickled. It is often used for salads, soups and as an increadient of dishes made of meet. Beetroot can also be used for the manufacturing of wine. Leafs of beetroot are also edible. Fresh leafs taste like spinach. Leafs of beetroot are used for binding of ounds in the ancient Greece. Beetroot was popular mouth freshner in the past. It was used to eliminate the smell of garlic. The Victoriancs used beetroot dye their hair. In many culture it is believe that if man and woman eat from the same beetroot they fall in love.

Other benefits are:

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Good for brain and dementia
  • It is your leavers friend
  • Prevents stroke and heart attacks
  • Mood lifter Immune system booster
  • Colon health
  • Anti oxidant
  • Beetroot contains high amount of Baron which facilitate production of sex hormones. It was popular aphrodisiacs during the Roman times. 
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