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Borage tea

Content :indian borage , green tea


          This tea reminds us the rain and our home thus puts our mind and body at ease . It is our mother s remedy for fever , bronchitis and flu. It is a great support against arthritis and breast cancer. It also aids in digestion.



  •     Best remedy for insomnia
  •     Helps to treat arthritis and relieves pains
  •     Effective against anciety, stress and nervousness
  •     Treats fever , ,bronchitis and flu
  •      Promotes digestions and relieves stomach aches


Indian Borage plant is succulent and densely covered with shot fine hairs. Its grows up to one meter tall. When the round fleshy stem grow too long they bend over and trail on the ground. This cause the roots to grow from the stem nodes. The Chinese name for this plant is "Dao Shou Xiang" which means"giving fragrance to the hands". The leaves are thick heart shaped covered with fine hair and have serrated edges. When brushed its gives off a pungent aroma. Flowers can be violet, blue or white in colour. They grow in a long stalk in small groups. It has not been observed to flower in Singapore. Fuits are small and nut like. It is the mother of herbs or queen of herb and five in one herb. The leaves are strongly flavored the make and excellent addition to the stuffing for meat and poultry. Finely chopped they can also be used to flavor meat dishes especially beef ,lamp and game. It is also used as the vegetable for example in South east Asia. The herbs are used as a substitute for organo in the food trade. The health benifits of Indian borage is as follows

  •    Promotes joint restoration, healthy skin
  •    Boosts immunity
  •    Promotes eye sight
  •    Used to remove excess liquid and remove toxins
  •    Cools the body and usec to treat fever, bronchitis , colds and flu.
  •    Used to treat arthritis and relieves pains.
  •    Effective against acidity , stress and nervousness
  •    Used for prevention and treatments of mascular degeneration.
  •    Protective against breast cancer as it is abundant in omega 6.
  •    Used for the treatment of prostate gland inflammation.
  •    Premotes digestion and helps to relax stomach aches.
  •    Used to treat skin infections.
  •    Promotes milk production for lactating mothers
  •    Used to treat hangovers.
  •    Best remedy for insomnia. 


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