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 About Us

We have to fight for our position in society everyday and our body is fighting for survival. Today our world is entirely different, it is beautiful but adulterated . Everything we have has a dark side ie the air we breath, the food we eat, the water we drink копии часов дешево etc,. The flowers in the garden looks lovely but they are not natural, , because they are sprayed with chemicals to keep them fresh and  attractive for a longer period. The story is same with everything around us . The result is a body prone to various diseases such as stress, , diabetes, blood pressure, tag heuer link replica in extreme conditions cancer.  We can not escape our fate because it is difficult to avoid everything but we can take precautions.  This is where Salin Herbal tea comes in to the picture.  Salin herbal teas is an exotic class of teas ment to detoxify our body giving relief to many problems . It also ensures a fresh,fit ,healthy and charming body. Salin teas are a combination of teas (green /black) fresh from the hills of munnar and a collection of various herbes, spices and flower originally plucked and dried in the most hygienic environment.  We also assure you that our  class of teas is a treat to your tongue.

        We collect our teas and spices from Munnar a hill station located in Idukky district of Kerala. It is a paradise of tea. Munnar is an attractive destination with world s best replica chopard xtravaganza watches and renowned tea estates. Some of the most famous tea estates are Tata, KDHP Talayar, Kolukkumalai etc. The region in and around Munnar varies from 1, 450 meters (4, 760 ft) to 2, 695 meters (8, 842 ft) above mean sea level. The temperature ranges from 5ºc (41ºF) and 25ºc (77ºF) in winter and 15ºc (59ºF) and 25 ºc (77ºF) in summer. This is very apt for the cultivation for tea and spices. The tea in Munnar is best in colour, taste and strength. 

Vision: To place Salin Herbal tea amoung the best brands in the world.

Mission: To provide a healthy lifestyle with a blend of mother nature and world s best tea without any compromise in quality and taste.  

   Certifications      Saffron tea      Black Fussion      Sandalwood tea
   Brahmi Water hyssop      Pomegranate spice tea      Milk thistle tea      Betel tea
   Borage tea      Beetroot tea      Thripla tea      Spice Lemon tea
   Golden petal  

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